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Although we totally customize packages to each individual client to suit your needs, this guide acts as a starting point & some of the ready-to-go packages we offer!

Brand Strategy is your essential foundation for building a powerful brand. Through an intensive brand strategy, we dig deep into the root of your business. We determine your unique goals, vision, mission, target audience, positioning, messaging, tone of voice, content style & visual direction. This helps us design your brand or create content & marketing assets that truly speak to your audience & get results.

Included: Intensive Brand Strategy Workshops & Final Brand Strategy Guided Document with Action Plans & Analysis.

Investment: Starting from €1,250

Available Add-Ons: Brand Identity & Web Design

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Brand Identity Design is where to fun part comes in! We design & customise every asset you can ever need to transform or launch your brand! Our design process is rooted in strategy, even if you're not ready for a large professional brand strategy, we will take part in a mini-strategy meeting to ensure your brand is designed right! We can cover all aspects of a strong visual identity, based on your overall journey in business & budget.

Included: Full Brand Logo Suite, Alternative Logos, Submarks, Brand Marks & Icons, Brand Patterns, Colour Palette & Typography Suite, Brand Implementation & Usage Guide.

Available Add-Ons: Social Media Templates & Designs, Web Design, Merch Design, Packaging Design, GIFs.

Investment: Starting from €2,000 - €5,000+

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Brand Attack is our mini-brand design experience. We aim to cater for businesses & brands of all sizes and are aware not every business is ready or at the stage to go all-in on branding & large investments. Brand Attack is suited for smaller & newer businesses that just need enough to get kick-started, and maybe want to grow before investing in larger branding or strategy work. This service is an express one-to-two week service, that covers the basic essentials of your visual branding.

Included: Primary & Secondary Logo, Submark and/or Brand Mark, Brand Patterns & Icons, Colour Palette & Typography Guide, Brand Implementation Guide.

Investment: €1,400

Timeline: 7-14 days

Custom Web Design is one of your business's most important touchpoints to reach your target audience whether you are a product or service-based business. We specialise in custom Squarespace, Wix & Showit designs, offering complete flexibility in design & functionality to customise your site to your specific needs. We also offer training in the platforms so you can maintain the site, but we're also here when you need ongoing support & changes.

What We Do: Service-Based, E-Commerce, Promotional, Blogs, Portfolios & Booking Systems

Investment: Starting from €2,000 - €5,750

Timeline: 6-8 weeks

We cover a whole range of Content Production in multiple areas to ensure your business is showing up professionally online. All ranges of content packages vary & are custom-made depending on the scope, the below is a starting guide.

Photography starting from €300+

Videography starting from €400+

Branded GIFs starting from €200+

Additional Graphic Design, Packaging Design & Printing services are priced per project.

Ongoing Packages are also available for regular monthly content creation for your business & socials.

We offer a wide range of Marketing & Consultancy Services including Brand Strategy Consultancy, Marketing & Social Media Strategy Development, Creative Direction & Content Management, Ongoing Retainers & 1:1 Workshops.

Our marketing packages are custom-made for each business therefore please get in touch for a custom quote.


If you're interested in working with us, the next step is getting in touch below to fill out  our inquiry form. From there, we will connect on a call to discuss how we could work together best!

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