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Service: Brand Identity - Web Design - Merch Design

An Inclusive Space of Neurodivergent Therapy & Coaching.

Meet Good Habits Therapy, where your differences are celebrated in a safe & sensory-friendly environment. Believing all neurodivergent individuals deserve to live a truly happy & comfortable life, offering tailored therapy & coaching services accommodating your unique needs.

Good Habits want to change the perception of therapy accessibility and wanted to create a welcoming & celebratory brand to represent its values & services. Focusing on bright & bold colours to celebrate their clients personalities, we crafted a stand-out brand identity with soft & friendly typography, mixed with energetic colours & curvature flows throughout all design touchpoints. We created a series of promotional graphics in line with the new brand identity, as well as some colourful merch design, and a bold website design that focuses on the services & team members' personalities.

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