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Top 3 Online Font Resources

Finding the perfect font for your brand is tough, and we're here to drop our top 3 favourite online resources for fonts!

Each website has a lot to offer, from licenses of all kinds for your fonts & an array of font styles. It's never been easier to find that perfect match for your next branding project!

When working with a client, we scour the online space for that perfect font to represent their brand, after nailing the creative direction in our strategy sessions.

We all know the mountain of font sites out there. For us here at ARKYEN, we have three top sites that are our go-to, worth bookmarking for your future projects!

Let's get into it:


Creative Market is a no-brainer when it comes to fonts & design resources. If you're a designer, you have definitely heard of this company. Creative Market offers a huge range of fonts, not only that, but they also offer a bunch of graphic templates, photos, texture packs & bundles to cover all design angles. These guys are usually our first point of reference when searching for a one-of-a-kind font because of their extensive range & wide licensing options. We also gather lot's of inspiration here when it comes to textures & gradient packs! Browse Creative Market


Envato Elements is a creative subscription service.. Pretty similar to creative market, these guys have a world of options when it comes to fonts, mockups, graphics & more. The difference is these guys work off of a subscription base pricing package, which honestly, is totally worth it if you're a brand designer. Coming in at approx €14 p/month you get unlimited access to everything on the site, with a commercial license! Often when we find a font on other platforms, we will pop over to Envato to see if they stock the same typeface & get it there as we have an ongoing subscription - so really saves money in the long run. We also love Envato Elements' mockups range - another essential part for brand designers!

Browse Envato Elements


Lastly is the classic trusting one for us, Adobe Fonts. Again, if you're a designer you probably know this one too. Included in your Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe Fonts has a huge range of timeless typefaces. What we love about this platform, is the ease of use. The fonts aren't as stand out as the above two platforms, but when looking for a simple typeface that we are going to manipulate anyway, then this is a great one. After finding the typeface, when logged in, you simply click the toggle & it's installed into your software. No more downloading zip folders and installing to your computer - it's all taken care of! And for that alone, it makes our top three resources.

Browse Adobe Fonts


There we have our top three font resources that we hit when starting our design projects. Our big takeaway from this post is that a good typeface is worth the investment. It's also worth noting to always check the license on the font you're purchasing for a project, to be sure you have permission to use it commercially.

Have you got any other font resources we didn't mention? Connect with us on Instagram & let us know! Plenty of more education & resources over there!

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