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FREE Branding Checklist

We're dropping FREE Resources for both business owners & creative service providers like us!

First up is our Branding Checklist. An essential & easy to follow checklist to use throughout your brand building project to ensure that when working on it, you're hitting every mark needed to create a powerful brand!

For us, branding comes first in everything we do. Having your branding complete, at every angle, ensures that any marketing & creative work carried out in the future is in line with the purpose & goals of the business.

We ensure branding is done right throughout four main categories:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Verbal Identity

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Touchpoints

In this 10 page PDF, we cover all the marks within each of the four categories that we look out for & work on to build brands right.

This can be used by fellow brand designers, or business owners looking to improve their brand in house.

Simply follow the below link to sign up & get access to the PDF through Google Doc's where you can download & keep for your future branding projects!

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