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FREE Brand Archetype Guide

We're dropping FREE Resources for both business owners & creative service providers like us!

Today you can grab our Brand Archetype Guide. Brand Archetypes are a key step in our branding process, they are essentially the psychological root to your brand meaning and messaging. They are a category, just like your favourite movie fit's a genre, so does every brand.

Defining your brand archetype, whether your a new business, existing business, or brand strategist/designer, will assist you in all future brand communications, designs & messaging.

Brand Archetypes are a crucial step in your branding strategy, and when used correctly, unlock true magic to build a powerful brand!

In this 20 page PDF, we go through the meaning of Archetype, the main purposes of them, and go through all 12 archetypes in more detail with examples, so you can correctly identify the appropriate archetype for your brand.

Simply follow the below link to sign up & get access to the PDF through Google Doc's where you can download & keep for your future branding projects!

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